The Water & Carbon Group

The Water & Carbon Group (WCG) is a sustainable engineering firm experiencing rapid growth in the wastewater, remediation, ecology and carbon sector. A leader in PFAS Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) removal with its patented LEEF System® technology, WCG also provides support in planning, designing, constructing and managing innovative wastewater, ecology and carbon solutions.

Bespoken was engaged to build the company’s market presence and showcase the effectiveness of their cutting-edge solutions.

Working closely with WCG’s Marketing and Communications Manager and wider management team, we have provided strategic media, marketing and business development through the assistance of social media marketing, technical copywriting, executive profiling, case study development, fact sheet designing and tradeshow management for WCG in Australia as well as their LEEF System® technology in the United States (U.S.).

When WCG entered the U.S. market, we supported the team to develop the LEEF System® brand from the ground up, with tailored messaging and SEO-friendly website copy to connect directly with their U.S. target audience.

The Outcome

The WCG team has been involved in some of the industry’s leading projects, with our ongoing media, marketing, social media and content creation work demonstrating the effectiveness of their solutions. The organisation is quickly being recognised as a leader in sustainable engineering with our ongoing support increasing their organic website traffic and social media engagement by 63 per cent within four years. Since joining the U.S. market in 2023, The LEEF System® has been deployed at a major landfill site, helping the landfill company tackle the ongoing challenges of PFAS contamination.

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