Clean your house before you invite people over: Four marketing and PR essentials before a cap raise

You always clean your house before you invite someone over, right? The same thing goes for a company seeking capital.
By the time you meet with investors, you need your company’s external-facing assets and profile to be professional, conveying your strengths and credibility. This can sometimes be the difference between landing a meeting with an investor in the first place, or missing out.
Let’s delve into four marketing and PR essentials in the lead-up to a capital raise.

Find the hook others may overlook

The creation of a ‘villain’ is sometimes the perfect way to create a compelling media hook. This was among the tactics discussed by Bespoken Managing Director Sarah Morgan and Media and Communications Specialist Lisa Chant when they teamed up for a presentation at the second annual Content Summit at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Their topic, ‘Finding the hook others may overlook’, was a fully subscribed session, with many attendees disappointed to miss out. In the spirit of sharing, here’s an extract from the session.

Data-led storytelling: A strategy you can count on when building brand awareness and credibility

When you want to tell a powerful story that truly resonates with your target audience, numbers can speak louder than words. In an increasingly data-driven world, an ever-growing number of brands are using figures to craft compelling narratives that drive awareness and build credibility, across avenues ranging from unique media stories to tailored social media campaigns. Here are some important points to consider when creating and telling a story with data.

C’mon Queensland! Brisbane 2032 Games blame games must stop

BREAKING NEWS: Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games to include whingeing and whining as a sport…home nation expected to dominate after diabolical levels of negativity.

Of course, the above sentence is not true.

But let’s be honest, the collective – or loudest – mindset towards Brisbane 2032 has been decidedly “unQueensland-like”.

Making your 15 minutes of media fame last longer

Congratulations! You’ve made it into the media by appearing on TV, featuring in a newspaper or having a chat with a well-respected podcast host.

It’s a shot of validation that feels all the better for being earned, and is most definitely worthy of a five-minute bask and a share with your family and friends. But before you rest on your laurels – there’s one more question to ask yourself – what next?

Is TikTok right for your brand? What you can learn from other brand’s successes – or missteps

Once dismissed as a trivial app for teens to share dance videos, TikTok has emerged in recent years as a cultural compass – dictating what’s hot and what’s not in pop culture.
And, unlike other platforms such as X and Facebook, its momentum has never looked like slowing. So, in hearing the success stories of other businesses and brands, it’s only natural to wonder how you can get in on the action (and get everyday people to do your marketing – for free).

Winning a war of words

When it comes to publicity, not all of it is good. But when it comes to crisis management, with forethought, strategy, some emotional intelligence and creativity, smart publicity can lead organisations through trouble to triumph.

Here’s what you should know.

In-house or agency: Which one is right to amplify your brand?

As you build your business empire, there comes a point when you need to up your PR and marketing game. Perhaps you need to employ an expert in this area for the first time or get additional support to execute a campaign to drive awareness about a new service or product